INTAMS Lectures highlight a variety of interesting and relevant topics in the field of marriage, marital spirituality, and related subjects. The lectures are intended to be of general interest to the broader public while providing the insights of eminent national and international speakers.

INTAMS Lectures endeavor to engage men and women, professionally involved in the political, business and cultural life in Belgium and abroad, in thoughtful reflection and dialogue about marriage in its various interpersonal, social, and religious dimensions. 

Depending upon the theme and the personal style of the lecturer, INTAMS Lectures are offered in a variety of formats: traditional lecture style, round-table discussions, audio-visual presentations, artistic expositions and debates. Each presentation lasts approximately 45 minutes, after which there is time for questions from the audience. According to the speakers, lectures may be given either in English, French, Dutch or German.


2012: John Witte: The Covenant of Marriage: Its Biblical Roots, Historical Influence, and Modern Uses

2007: Norbert Schneider: Motives for or Against Marriage: Framing the Empirical Evidence

2004: ¿Familia Sacra? : The Place and Meaning of Family in Europe Today

2003: Marriage & Family Life: A Cornerstone of Society?

2002: Marriage in Modern Society