Chair for the Study of Marriage & Spirituality


Today, as far as we know, INTAMS is still a highly original initiative on the "market of marriage studies". Through our unique and serious approach to the study of marriage and marital spirituality, that is at the same time interdisciplinary, international, ecumenical, independent, and academic, we have earned ourselves a reputation as a bench-mark offering innovative impulses to all those interested in the dialogue between the human sciences and Christian theology about marriage and its spirituality. In all of this, the ecumenical dimension remains primordial.

Our “target group” consists not only of academics (top-specialists, researchers and students working in the field of marriage and related subjects), but also of ecclesiastical authorities such as Bishops’ Conferences, clergy, and pastoral ministers, and of other professionals such as social workers, psychologists, counselors, therapists and others working with couples. 

As a consequence, INTAMS as an established institution and as a 'marriage studies specialist' is approached by third parties to share its specific and specialized expertise: 

(1) to act as consultants to ecclesiastical authorities such as Bishops’ Conferences
(2) to serve as a 'point of reference' and to give advice on pastoral initiatives in marriage and family life
(3) to participate in a 'think tank' for non-pastoral projects involving marriage and family issues

To meet the challenge of consulting or advising these organizations, we let ourselves be guided by the specific 'INTAMS trademark' with its extra dimension of Christian spirituality that runs as a common thread through each of our projects. It is this spiritual focus that ensures that INTAMS does not become an uninspired, fragmented centre conducting purely abstract research, but also contributes concretely to the Church and to society.