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Marriage, Families & Spirituality, vol. 29/2 (2023)

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Challenges for the Church in the field of Marriage and Families

With Pope Francis a new spirit has emerged in the Catholic Church after a long period of deadlock and lethary. Retrieving the often neglected or even ignored seeds of Vatican II and settling essential issies which have not yet been addressed are some of his main tasks. Questions of ecclesiology, especially the concept and structure of the Church in its theological and practical applications, are certainly of prime importance. But items of marriage and sexuality are no less on the agenda.

The articles of this issue, at first sight a compilation of loose papers, can be read in this context: they provide modest, but helpful, contributions to the challenges which the Church has to  master.

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Editorial by Thoams Knieps-Port le Roi (Full Text)


Rocío Figueroa Alvear & Tracy McEwan: Conscience in Amoris Laetitia and the Responses of Women in Oceania (Open Access Free Download).

Michael G. Lawler & Todd A. Salzman: Theological Reception, Sensus Fidei, and Catholic Doctrine: An Analysis and a Proposal

Wellars Uwamahoro : Pour ou contre la contraception? Le pape François relance le débat conciliaire sur la question démographique et la régulation des naissances

Manfred Riegger: „Was soll ich dir tun?“ (Mk 10,51): Familienspiritualität als erfahrene Bindung und Geborgenheit

Patrick Connolly: The Current Canonical Legislation of the Catholic Church on Marriage with Particular Reference to the Major Changes of the Last Century

Bernhard Sill: LiebesArt: Mosaiksteine

Review Essay:

Martin M. Lintner:  Eberhard Schockenhoff (1953–2020): Ein Wegbereiter für die Erneuerung der kirchlichen Sexualethik und Theologie der Ehe und Familie

Book Reviews:
Theology of marriage

Thomas Knieps-Port le Roi: P. Peters: Was macht eine Ehe zum Sakrament?
Gerhard Kruip: S. Höllinger: Ansprüche an Ehe und Partnerschaft
Judith Hahn: S. Engler: Mangelnder Glaube und Ehewille
Sylvia Hübel: A. Mattheeuws: Eros, Agapè…Allégresse et joie: Une théologie évolutive et cohérente de l’amour et du mariage
Sylvia Hübel: H.M. Yañez/E. Palladino (eds.): La Famiglia a cinquant’anni da Humanae Vitae 293

Angela Rossi: C. Rocchetta: La Mistica dell’intimità nuziale
Diana L. Villegas: D. Granada Canada: El alma de toda virtud
August Laumer: G. Augustin/I. Proft (Hg.): Zum Gelingen von Ehe und Familie: Ermutigungen aus Amoris laetitia
Henk Sanders: J. Bonny/R. Burggraeve/I. Van Halst: Please? Thank you! Sorry… A Dialogue on Love, Marriage and Family Life

sexual ethics

Tim Zeelen:  C. Breitsameter/S. Goertz: Vom Vorrang der Liebe: Zeitenwende für die katholische Sexualmoral
Francesco Pesce: B. Petrà: Una futura morale sessuale cattolica
Gustavo Cavagnari: K.M. Yao: L’éducation affective, relationelle et sexuelle
Nev Reyes-Espiritu: J. King/J.H. Rubio (eds.): Sex, Love, and Families: Catholic Perspectives
Todd A. Salzman: J.F. Keenan: A History of Catholic Theological Ethics

family issues

Julian Paparella: P. Bordeyne: Familles en quête de Dieu
Doral Hayes: P.N. Cohen: Enduring Bonds: Inequality, Marriage, Parenting, and Everything Else that Makes Families Great and Terrible
Doral Hayes: E. Dermott/C. Gatrell (eds.): Fathers, Families and Relationships
Richard Hartmann: K. Krause/M. Stetter/B. Weyel (Hg.): Kasualien als Familienfest
Richard Hartmann: M. Müller/B. Bräutigam/A. Lentz-Becker (Hg.): Familienbildung – wozu?

sociology & psychology

Geert Faseur :P. Brechon/F. Gonthier/S. Astor: La France des valeurs
John Alonzo Dick: A.-K. Gembries/T. Theuke/I. Heineman (eds.): Children by Choice?
Petri Assenga: C. Groes/N.T. Fernandez (eds.): Intimate Mobilities: Sexual Economies, Marriage and Migration in a Disparate World
Stefan Gärtner: M. Mahr: Reden ist Gold…Vom Umgang mit Sexualität bei Jugendlichen
Sahayadas Fernando: E. Muddiman/S. Power/C. Taylor: Civil Society and the Family
Gustavo Cavagnari: M. Regnerus: The Future of Christian Marriage

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