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Special Theme Issue:
Church, Together on the Synodal Journey
vol. 27/2 (2022)

This theme issue is dedicated to the topic of synodality. It explores the question of how and where believers in the church are journeying together, what participation means theologically, and what the mission of baptized Christians can be in different areas.
The contributions reflect this in different ways. In particular, they relate in some way to the work of INTAMS. In addition to fundamental issues, they also focus on specific topics.

Editorial by Jochen Sautermeister & Thomas Knieps-Port le Roi, Editor (full text to be published soon)

Church, Together on the Synodal Way:

Peter Hünermann: Die Synodalität in Leben und Sendung der Kirche: Eine kritische Erkundung

Thomas Knieps-Port le Roi:  The “Sense of the Faithful” Revisited – and Its Implications for Sexual and Conjugal Morality

Maureen Junker-Kenny : Conscience and the Opening of Systems

Martin M. Lintner: Eheliche und familiäre Gemeinschaften als Hauskirchen und Weggemeinschaften: Synodalität in Amoris laetitia

Marie-Jo Thiel: Une culture synodale et fraternelle peut-elle refréner la culture des abus?

Etienne Vetö: Renewing the Whole of Christian Theology: Exploring the Implications of the Church’s Renewed Understanding of the Jewish People             

Jochen Sautermeister: Laudatio on the Occasion of the Awarding of Doctor Theologiae Honoris Causa to Aldegonde Brenninkmeijer-Werhahn

Aldegonde Brenninkmeijer-Werhahn: Acceptance Address on the Conferral of the Honorary Doctorate


Ward Biemans: An Ambitious and Challenging New Document: Catechumenal Itineraries for Married Life

Didier Pollefeyt & Jan Bouwens: The Vatican and the Catholic Dialogue School as a “Place of Differences Living Together in Harmony”

François-Xavier Amherdt: Réception suisse d’Amoris laetitia

Book Reviews (go here for our complete list of book reviews)

Canon Law

William L. Daniel: B. Gonçalves (dir): Comprendre la réforme des procédures de nullité

Rémy Lebrun: B. Krämer/P. Thull (Hg.): Der Codex Iuris Canonici im Wandel

Rémy Lebrun: M-K. Kraus: Richterkollegium, Ehebandverteidiger und II. Instanz in  Ehenichtigkeitsverfahren: Entstehung und Entwicklung

Rémy Lebrun: C. Peña Garcia: Mariage et causes de nullité dans le droit de l’Église

Francesco Pesce: L. Sabbarese/R. Santoro: Il processo matrimoniale più breve

Francesco Pesce: L. Sabbarese/L. Lorusso: Sposarsi in Chiesa: Il diritto matrimoniale

Relationships in TImes of Change

Gustavo Cavagnari: M. Acosta/A. Reimers: Karol Wojtyła’s Personalist Philosophy

Pui-Ling Chau: T. Betz/M.-S. Honig/I. Ostner (eds.): Parents in the Spotlight

Angela McCarthy: C. Bischoff/E. O’Donnell Gandolfo/A. Hardison-Moody (eds.): Parenting as Spiritual Practice and Source for Theology

Ray Temmerman: P.N. Cain/D. Ramsey (eds.): American Constitutionalism, Marriage, and the Family

Gisbert Greshake: A. Cigoi: Die Unauflösbarkeit der christlichen Ehe

John Murray: M. Dowd: Queer and Catholic: A Life of Contradiction

Richard Hartmann: M.N. Ebertz/L. Segler: Spiritualitäten als Ressource für eine

: dienende Kirche

James J. Ponzetti: S. Fraiman: Extreme Domesticity: A View from the Margins

Celia Y.S. Tsui: J. Gordon-Lennox: Crafting Secular Ritual: A Practical Guide

Tulimelli Srinivasa Rao: T.D. Hargrave/N.E. Zasowski: Families and Forgiveness

Beate Kowalski: L. Hofmann/P. Heise (Hg.): Spiritualität und spirituelle Krisen

Francesco Pesce: G. Marengo: Generare nell’amore: La missione della famiglia

Francesco Pesce: G. Marengo: Chiesa sesso amore: Le “relazioni pericolose”

Geert Faseur: C. Raedel (Hg.): Das Leben der Geschlechter

Adrian Thatcher: M. Schreiber: The Comfort of Kin: Samaritan Community

Ray Temmerman: H. Wray: Regulating Marriage Migration into the UK