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This theme issue publishes a number of lectures given at a moral theology conference in Rome, organized and led by the  John Paul II Pontifical Theological Institute for the Study of Marriage and the Family and the Pontifical Gregorian University, under the guidance of Don Maurizio Chiodi, Professor Miguel Yañez, and the newly nominated rector of the John Paul II Institute, Professor Msgr. Philippe Bordeyne. It took place from 11 to 14 May 2022, and INTAMS was an interested participant.


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Table of Contents

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Editorial by Aldegonde Brenninkmeijer and James F. Keenan (Full Text)


Maurizio Chiodi & Miguel Yáñez: Introduction

Pope Francis: Address to the Participants of the International Conference on Moral Theology (13 May 2022) (Full Text)

Lisa Sowle Cahill: Complexity of Family Relationships: Social Realities, Pastoral Dilemmas, Moral Understanding

Philippe Bordeyne: La morale familiale comme pratique pédagogique au sein du peuple de Dieu

Hélène Bricout: Les sacrements, pour nourrir la vie conjugale et familiale

Sigrid Müller: Conversion of the Church Towards the Logic of Mercy: Accompanying the Fragility of Family Relationships

Alain Thomasset: Conscience, normes et discernement

Julio Luis Martínez:  Theological-Moral Epistemology: The Question of Method and Inter-Transdisciplinarity in Amoris Laetitia and Veritatis Gaudium

Maurizio Chiodi: Nature and Culture: Plurality and Universality

Review Essay:

Johan De Tavernier: V. Paglia (ed): Etica teologica della vita: Scrittura, tradizione, sfide pratiche

Book Reviews:
The Arts & History

Kerstin Schlögl-Flierl: F. Becker/E. Reinhardt-Becker: Liebesgeschichte(n)
Diana L. Villegas: M. DeRusha: Katharina and Martin Luther
Geert Faseur: D. Gierke: Eheprobleme im grieschischen Drama
Harry Van der Pas: S.K. MacManus/C. Fiala: Der Detektiv der fruchtbaren Tage: Die Geschichte des Gynäkologen Hermann Knaus (1892-1970)
Rüdiger Schnell: B. Newman: Making Love in the Twelfth Century
John A. Dick: S. Sharot: Love and Marriage across Social Classes in American Cinema
Ann Loades: R. Solinger: Pregnancy and Power: A History of Reproductive Politics in the United States
Adrian Thatcher: W. Stockton: Members of His Body: Shakespeare, Paul, and a Theology of Nonmonogamy


Michael Tilly: D. Bindrim/V. Grunert/C. Kloß (Hg.): Erotik und Ehtik in der Bibel
Adrian Thatcher: M.J. Broyde/R. Travis: Sex in the Garden: Consensual Encounters Gone Bad
Thomas M. Kelly: C. Cobb: Slavery, Gender, Truth, and Power in Luke-Acts
Randall Woodard: P.B. Ely: Adam and Eve in Scripture, Theology, and Literature
Michael Tilly: D.E. Fredrickson: Eros and Christ: Longing and Envy in Paul
Danielo Verde: Y. Sherwood (ed.): The Bible and Feminism: Remapping the Field


Adrian Thatcher:  O. Anemtoaicei: Male Bodies and Sexual Difference
Adrian Thatcher: D.L. Boisvert/C. Daniel-Hughes (eds.): The Bloomsbury Reader in Religion, Sexuality, and Gender
Adrian Thatcher: D.C. Byrne/Y.W. Ade (eds.): Fluid Gender, Fluid Love
Michael Tilly: K. Ehrenshperger/S. Sheinfeld (eds.): Gender and Second-Temple Judaism
Kerstin Schlögl-Flierl: K. Ebner: Religion im Parlament: Homosexualität als Gegenstand parlamentarischer Debatten
Sebastian Eck: D. Gerster/M. Krüggeler (eds.): God’s Own Gender? Masculinities in World Religions
Adeinev M. Reyes-Espiritu: R.J. Perelberg/A.C. Miller (eds.): Gender and Power in Families
Geert Faseur: G. Prüller-Jagenteufel/S. Bong/R. Perintfalvi (eds.): Toward Just Gender Relations: Rethinking the Role of Women
Adrian Thatcher: M.E. Sanchez: Queer Faith: Reading Promiscuity and Race
Geert Faseur: B. Umrath: Geschlecht, Familie, Sexualität
Susannah Cornwall: J. Ward: The Tragedy of Heterosexuality
Sahayadas Fernando: N.E. Williams: For Better or Worse: The Ethics of Divorce after Marriage Equality