Mission Statement

The International Academy for Marital Spirituality (INTAMS) is an international non-profit organization, founded in Belgium in 1989 by †Hubert and Aldegonde Brenninkmeijer-Werhahn and located in Sint-Genesius-Rode near Brussels, Belgium. 

Drawing on and committed to the intellectual and cultural heritage of Christianity, INTAMS is dedicated to the study of and dialogue about the meaning and relevance of marriage and families in the context of contemporary society.

Working principles

  • Academic & Interdisciplinary: INTAMS engages in academic study and dialogue, cooperating with universities and other academic institutions around the world. INTAMS promotes the interdisciplinary dialogue between theology and philosophy on the one hand, and the human and social sciences on the other hand, which all contribute to the understanding of marriage and families in its various interpersonal, social, and religious aspects and in its intrinsic spirituality.

  • Independent, ecumenical & internationalINTAMS' work is characterized by academic freedom and its openness to honest and critical intellectual inquiry. Rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, INTAMS' approach is open to and includes contributions from all Christian traditions. INTAMS brings together scholars and research results from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

  • Integrating theory & praxisINTAMS' activities are maintained by and directed towards those who are engaged in the various professions and disciplines that study and support married life. INTAMS is committed to promoting dialogue and mutual exchange between researchers and practitioners, by fostering the integration of theory and praxis.