Interchurch Marriage and Ecumenism

Interchurch Marriage and Ecumenism


Marriage, Families & Spirituality, vol. 30/1 (2024)

Interchurch Marriage and Ecumenism

Are differences of faith, like that between a Catholic and another Christian, insuperable obstacles to marital union?

This has long been argued. Today, however, cross-denominational couples are very common. We find that two people from different Christian denominations, each committed to their own tradition, can forge a productive marriage.

The articles in this issue argue that these interchurch marriages can not only be good for the couple but can also be helpful in the ecumenical quest for Christian unity. The authors explore perceptions, legislation, and possibilities presented by these couples. In our pluralistic societies, the church would do well to turn to the resources these couples can bring to prolonging a unified Christian witness to the world.

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