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How can the church welcome, support and guide families who do not live according to the ideal of formal, lifelong and heterosexual marriage and who cannot fall back on previous experiences or proven role models?

What social and spiritual resources are already present in these families?

How should one adequately value the commitment and resilience, the joys and hopes that characterize them?


The church is “called to be the house of the Father, with doors always wide open…where there is a place for everyone, with all their problems” (Evangelii gaudium, 47). Evoking equally the image of a mother who cannot renounce her child, Pope Francis urges the church to “accompany with attention and care the weakest of her children, who show signs of a wounded and troubled love, by restoring in them hope and confidence” (Amoris laetitia, 291). The pope’s vision marks a shift in the church’s teaching which until recently regarded the traditional marriage-based type of family as normative and other forms of couple relationships and family life as deficient. According to Francis, however, there are no perfect marriages or families, and all human loving is in some way “troubled”. Therefore, pastors and theologians are called to rethink their approaches, the former by learning to discern the complexity of interpersonal relationships and to “turn with love to those who participate in the church’s life in an incomplete manner”; the latter by developing adequate theological frameworks that help recognizing that God’s grace is also at work in relationships which do not conform to traditional standards and sometimes prove particularly fragile and vulnerable on a human level. 


The symposium invites scholars in theology, practitioners in ministry and counselling, and couples to explore the potential as well as the possible pitfalls of Pope Francis’s new approach, to offer models of good practice, and to exchange experiences in this field across professional, national, and cultural borders.



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Image: Chuong Thanh: Family (2007), Lacquer painting